by Steven Weir on Sep 18th, 2017 in balance blog
A Day in the Life... Nicky Hoyland

Spend 5 minutes with Nicky, one of our directors and see what she gets up to on a typical day.


How does your day start? What time do you get up and what’s your morning routine?

I'm up at 5, I get dressed, spend 5 minutes to remind myself what I am grateful for, grab a coffee, let the cat out, drag the sleepy doggo out of her basket and i'm out the door!


How do you travel to work, what’s the journey like?

I commute in by car. I love the summer drive as I get to see the sun come up and the roads are pretty quiet. Winter is a different ball game when its dark, cold and raining! Regardless of the time of year though I can often be found singing away somewhere on the M6 


Once you arrive at DB Towers, how does your working day begin?

I'll go for a run or to the gym, walk Ripley (the doggo mentioned above) and get some more coffee. I'll then check emails, check my to-do list and then crack on with the day.


What are the key points in the day for you, any meetings or calls?

It depends on the day as everyday is different - I spin alot of plates! 


When it’s time for Lunch what's the typical choice?

Ha….it depends on if “focused Nicky” is around! If so a salad, some form of protein and a sparkling water will be lunch. If she has disappeared for the day….it's anyones guess! 


How does your afternoon go?

It totally depends on the day but I'm always checking back over flagged emails or my to-do list and checking in with the team to get an update on progress throughout the day


What’s your turn down procedure, what do you do as your working day draws to a close?

I check through what I wanted to get done, what's been done and what got added during the day, and then try to pull together an order of my plan for the following day.


How’s the journey home?

It's either spent on the phone to Chris or listening to some tunes/an audiobook and thinking about what's for dinner….! 


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