by Nicky Hoyland on Jan 1st, 2013 in balance blog
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As our name suggests we like to find balance between how we all use technology in our everyday lives. When creating our brand we wanted this thought to be central to our personality. Our name hopefully offers insight as to who we are, what we do and more importantly what we believe in.

Our branding colour scheme was designed using Adobe Kuler, an iOS app that we would highly recommend to any graphic designer or anyone with an interest in design and use of colour. The app creates a RBG or HEX colour value using the camera on your iOS device. Our colour schemes were taken from sand, sea and architecture across Spain, France and the UK that were all visited while establishing digital balance. The naming convention applied to our brand colours are taken from tidal swell, waves, low tide sand and pebbles.

Our logo was designed denoting a ‘balance’ of the abbreviation of digital balance (db). The mirror reflection of the logo is representative of the symmetry shown between the two founding directors of our company. As with our colour scheme, themes of surf and sea can be seen within our logo which is a hobby shared by both of us.



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