by Steven Weir on Dec 21st, 2016 in balance blog
how an LMS can benefit your organisation

All Content Together, Easily Organised

Probably the top reason we’ve learnt from our clients and we agree, is having all of your learning content in the same place. Along with everything being in the same place and making learning swift, the creation and organisation of learning material is quick and convenient for content creators. Multiple creators can work together on the same programme, creating individual pieces of content that will organically come-together to create a complete learning module. This saves time and money!

24/7 Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Because LMS’s are stored online, your learners can connect from anywhere on a number of devices, including their mobile phones. Having an all-access pass to learning content, at any time, has proven to increase learning and performance of users of LMS’s. Learners progress further, quicker when they are given unlimited access to the content that helps them progress and improve.

Performance Tracking and Reports

With an LMS, the end user, your learner, can track their own progress and view feedback on their performance. With a clear path to complete modules, learners will be more willing to complete modules. Content creators and team leaders can look over individual users’ performances, teams’ overall performance and large groups of users at a time. Being able to manage and process this kind of information can provide vital clues for future learning modules and even help shape business’ as a whole.


There are probably another 20 reasons we could list here, but there is a common theme running through them all; organised content saves time and money. Having your learning materials available in a digital content learning delivery system, allows for easy updates and modifications, something that takes time and money with physical learning materials. It’s quick to add new content or remove others, it’s extremly quick to track users performance and it’s a vital tool helping to improve your workforce and the business in general.

Obviously we highly recommend LMS’s, we build them, but we hope the reasons above have given you a better idea how an LMS will benefit your organisation. Let us know any reasons you feel an LMS has benefited your organisation or how you think it could if you don’t currently use one, you can get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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