by Steven Weir on Feb 6th, 2017 in balance blog
Introducing "Remy Van Can"
Remy's family have been taken by his own malfunctioning junkyard robots. Harness the awesome power of electricity and scale the scrap-wasteland, battling your mechanically-menacing inventions to save your family.

Digital Balance's creative team have been hard at work this year creating new forms of interactive content. The first of which is our new game, Remy Van Can.

Remy is a crackpot inventor who lives with his family in his junkyard workshop. Using the almost endless supply of materials from the mountains of scrap metal, wood and other vital components, Remy has built an army of powerful robots. For years Remy and his robots have worked in harmony, collecting materials for his wild inventions, bettering his family's life.

But one fateful night, Remy awakes to discover his family have been taken, by his own robot army who appear to have turned against him for reasons unknown! It's down to Remy to battle against his own apparently malfunctioning robot army and save his family.

In this single level demo, we hope to showcase retro-style platform gaming, featuring collectable power-ups, health and a variety of dangerous mechanical threats. There are a few twists and turns packed into this thrilling level, which begins Remy's adventure into the junkyard wasteland. In our full game Remy will have to collect varying components to complete levels and work his way to the top of the junk pile, where his family are being held captive, fighting new enemies along the way.

You can play the Remy Van Can demo by clicking here.

We'd love to hear what you think, tweet us or post on Facebook. Look out for more news about Remy Van Can and other games coming soon!

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