by Adrian Clarke on Oct 17th, 2018 in balance blog
Meet Me... Adrian Clarke

As part of our 'Meet Me' series, our QA Analyst Ade has taken a bit of time to let us know a bit more about him, including his survival approach in a zombie apocalypse (very important!). Read on for more life-defining questions and answers... 

How long have you been a QA Analyst and what drew you to this role?

I have been a QA Analyst since joining DB in late November 2017. I first heard of the position through a friend at the business and was eager to talk about the QA role. Problem solving is something I really enjoy so this sounded ideal.

What is your favourite movie, game or album?

I’m not a big music fan, if I'm honest, it's something I listen to to help clear my head and get stuck into a task. I do love a good film (anything with Tom Cruise - sorry, not sorry) but I much prefer my gaming. I would have to say that naming my favourite game is probably a tough one, I don’t think I could choose one game above all of the others; it would be like trying to choose a favourite child. That being said, if I absolutely had to choose one over the others, it would most likely be, Civilization 3. I have put days of my life into that game..!

Who is your favourite band?

Foo Fighters. Easily.

What is your zombie apocalypse survival plan?

Rack up mountains of debt and then get eaten before I have to pay it off.

What is your favourite thing about working at Digital Balance?

The team. We’re all a good bunch of nerds who want to have a laugh and do a good job. The team mentality is what makes DB the place it is.

How many slices of pizza do you think you can eat in one sitting?

My record is 14 in one sitting but I do think that was a one off. I could eat a big pizza all to myself with nothing but some hot sauce and a lot of self-loathing

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