by Lucy Clews on Sep 5th, 2017 in balance blog
Meet me... Chris Keeling

As part of our 'Meet Me' series, we're asking the DB team some quick questions to give you all an idea of who's behind the curtain at DB HQ! Our Director, Chris Keeling is in the spotlight today to answer a few questions. Here's his answers...


How long have you been a Solutions Architect and what drew you to this role?

Since the birth of DB. I was ready to start my own business, and a few projects presented themselves, and ultimately it just felt right.


What is your favourite movie, game or album?

I’m not really one for a favourite, but currently i’ve really enjoyed…
Film: Spiderman homecoming (as i’m english).
Games : Tom Clancy’s Wildlands, Destiny and Horizon.


Who is your favourite band?

Bon jovi


What is your zombie apocalypse survival plan?

I'll keep a decent pair of gloves to hand (no pun intended) as I'll need to prevent blisters as I tear my way through the hordes using any heavy objects I can get my hands on. I’m probably not going to be the settling type!


What is your favourite thing about working at Digital Balance?

Freedom, and not just because I’m the boss, but creative freedom, technical freedom, and having a laugh with the guys on the PS4s at lunch.


How many slices of pizza do you think you can eat in one sitting?

I'm not proud of this, but I think I managed 20 a couple of years back. I need to keep an eye on this a bit more now though, so try to cap it at 15 :)


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