by Paul Tebbatt on Jul 26th, 2013 in balance blog
mobile learning

25% of smartphone owners aged 18–44 say they can’t recall the last time their smartphone wasn’t next to them!

Mobile Learning (or mLearning) is on the rise and is now seen as a proven and credible approach to blended learning.


Malcolm Knowles observed that adults learn best when:

  1. They understand why something is important to know or do.
  2. They have the freedom to learn in their own way.
  3. Learning is experiential (making meaning from direct experience)
  4. The time is right for them to learn.
  5. The process is positive and encouraging

If we can offer users the opportunity to learn when and how they want, via a mobile device the learner takes control of their own learning experience. Combine the flexibility of  mobile devices with engaging content and you create a positive learning engagement with your users!

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