by Shane Baddeley on Dec 1st, 2016 in balance blog
our favourite Christmas adverts 2016

Over recent years large brands have started releasing Christmas adverts, some of which try to capture the hearts of the people watching it. Therefore, we’ve made a collection of some of our favourite Christmas adverts of 2016.

Coca Cola

We can all agree that Christmas doesn’t begin until the legendary Coca Cola trucks appear on TV. So what better ad to feature first than the Coca Cola one? (p.s. this is Paul's favourite)


John Lewis

One of the most talked about retailers for their Christmas ads. Have they managed to pull off another great advert this year?



Sainsbury’s has pulled out all the stops this year for their advert featuring an animated scene of Dave the dad, who is struggling to find the perfect gift, until he realises what that perfect gift is.



This year M&S have gone for a different style taking a modern twist with Mrs Claus who is a secret behind the scenes Christmas operative helping to make Christmas extra special for one brother and sister.



Duracell have created a brilliant Christmas advert this year using a Star Wars theme. This one has gone down great in our office, especially with the Star Wars fans (especially Steve!)



Waitrose has gone for a theme of a courageous robin who is trying to return to Britain for his annual return, but will he make it?



Even amazon is throwing in a simple but almost tear-jerking advert this year. A young couple reflecting on the day but with another surprise…



This year Aldi have gone for a character known as ‘Kevin the Carrot’ who ends up going on a very exciting adventure. They even launched this loveable character as a plush toy in their stores, did you manage to grab one?


Aldi also posted a few related follow up videos, including this humorous casting video


Were any of the above your favourite this year, or is there another advert that you think takes the crown for this years best Christmas advert?

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