by Lucy Clews on Mar 28th, 2017 in balance blog
Reasons to integrate social learning into your LMS

Social learning can give great benefits to any organisation, big or small, by increasing user engagement and strengthening company voice and culture. There are lots of ways to introduce social learning to your organisation, including the use of:


The benefits

Now we know the types of social learning integrations, let’s see how they can benefit you.

Connect a fragmented workforce: Social learning creates a place where users in different time zones, departments and regions can chat and discuss opinions and ideas freely. This is especially useful for large global companies where teams may otherwise be disparate.
In the modern world, more and more workers are working remotely or taking up flexible working hours. Creating access to any of the above platforms will allow these users to get involved in group discussion and bring together a split workforce.

Boost collaboration: Collaboration and teamwork are huge factors for any organisation and we are always looking for ways to boost them. This can be achieved by encouraging free collaboration through social learning. A social environment encourages creative thinking and can fuel great problem-solving. Ideas can bounce around between a group, creating ingenious solutions that may never be found in the office. This can be especially effective in creative projects.
Workforces often contain a mixture of individuals with different levels of confidence. Using something like live chat or forums can mean that introverts and the workers less inclined to speak up in a meeting or workshop, find the confidence to have their say behind a computer screen. Using social learning means that these valuable ideas and opinions are not lost.

Easy skills sharing: Utilising a mentoring or coaching programme allows for easy skill transfer amongst employees that may be in different countries or time zones, but use the same skills in their positions. Getting these team members together may otherwise be impossible, but with mentor matching through an LMS, these individuals can share knowledge easily and effectively.

Reduce costs: You can lower the cost of team building days and events as online communities, groups and gamification can unite team members across the globe and at any time. Teamwork and team building become an everyday occurrence.

Create company cohesion: As well as uniting far-flung employees, social learning techniques can build company cohesion. You can spread company values and themes worldwide to build a strong and united team.



Adding a designated social learning area to your LMS can unite a team and increase employee engagement and increase ROI. You don’t have to use all the methods mentioned above or create a whole new mentoring site, it can be as simple as adding a live chat or collaborative blog area to see positive changes.

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