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top eLearning people to follow on Twitter
We're just spreading the good word and trying to help the world learn, one tweet at a time!

Need some eLearning inspiration? Or just want to be kept up-to-date in the eLearning world? These are some of the people we follow and would recommend to satisfy your learning hunger.



A giant in this industry, he is also the founder of The eLearning Industry, which is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning field. As a self-proclaimed social media addict, this dedicated educator provides us with a mix of blog posts, infographics and learning bites, you’re sure to find endless gems in his tweets!



David Anderson, Director of, boasts almost 40,000 followers with his exciting topics in the eLearning universe. Colourful and clever illustrations accompany his wide variety of eLearning news and tricks of the trade. This regular tweeter will get your design antennas twitching with almost every tweet!



Direct from Articulate themselves, we follow these updates to keep in-the-know about one of our most used and favourite authoring tools. It's handy to know what is coming out soon and to hear occasional tips for utilising the software to it's full potential.



Connie Malamed, also known as the eLearning Coach, hails from an art background. Delivering content of high interest and unexplored territory, her book Visual Design Solutions targets designers and learning professionals who are looking for creative inspiration for their material. Be sure to check out her tweets, you'll learn something new every day.



These guys know how to market themselves (you can't not spot them, especially when they display at exhibitions dressed in orange!). Helpful with blogs and tutorials, they are great for new information and handy tips especially in the technical side of things.



Mike Taylor, a digital and social learning designer for mindset digital, a social media training company for corporations. He shares a variety of helpful resources, including tech hacks, software tutorials, graphic design tips and downloads. You’ll find no fluff in Mike’s feed as every post offers up action-packed takeaways.



Can you recommend yourself? Well we're going to anyway! We're constantly updating ourselves and our knowledge in the eLearning industry. Not only do we re-tweet things of interest, we work in this industry so we're a part of the process! We're just spreading the good word and trying to help the world learn, one tweet at a time! Give us a follow :)

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