by Nicky Hoyland on Jul 11th, 2017 in Top tens
Two fitness apps you need right now
It's fair to say since we've all downloaded this app we're up and about on our feet more

Leaderboard updates and new PB's are often the first topic of conversation at the water cooler on a Monday morning. At DB we've experimented with a multitude of different fitness apps simply through our love of the tech and fitness combination. The two that have survived uninstallation from our devices are Strava and Stridekick (must be the alliteration), these website/app giants are our favourites for tracking runs and setting step challenges between the team. It's certainly a bonus that both of these amazing pieces of software are free of charge to use (in-app purchases for premium versions) and the in-depth data is almost worthy of sports science laboratories (I'm guessing).



A huge contender for fitness tracking and analysis apps. Personally, I've only used Strava for running and cycling but the list of activities you can track or log range from alpine skiing and rock climbing to stand up paddling and crossfit. I've always recommended Strava to friends highlighting the great analysis as the selling point, and I'm not even using the premium version! With every logged exercise you are competing against all other Strava athletes who have completed the same segments on your route. You can see how you weigh up against athletes all over the globe and even steal a few ideas for some new routes!




Great for goal setting and competing against your fellow team members! As you can see from the below, we are challenging ourselves individually to 10,000 steps per day and to see who is the true "Step Hero" of the office. It's fair to say since we've all downloaded this app we're up and about on our feet a little more, even taking an extra lap of the office before we return back to our desk chair!


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